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The history of Guardiaregia isn't unlike that of many southern Italian villages. The town's history dates back to medieval times or even before, while some surrounding areas (like nearby Saepium) were founded by the ancient (Pre-Roman) Samnite people.

Guardiaregia received its name as a result of the Royal Guard (Literally, in Italian, Guardia Regia) which was posted in town centuries ago to protect it against the attacks of the neighboring village of "Campo Claro" (Now Campochiaro.)

Since then, Guadiaregia's history has been highlighted by two events: A major earthquake on July 26 1805 which destroyed the town, leaving only 2 building (according to oral history) and part of the church intact, and the immigration movement which decimated the town's population during the years 1870 to 1980.

Below is a concise overview of modern day Guardiaregia, as compiled by MondoGuardiaregia.


Town: Guardiaregia
Province: Campobasso
Region: Molise

Area: South/Central Italy
Zone: "Italia Meridionale"
Community: Matese

Altitude: 731 m a.s.l

Neighboring Towns: Boiano (small city), Campochiaro, San Polo Matese, Sepino, Vinchiaturo
Nearest Major City: Campobasso (25 Minutes)

Population (2001): 783
Population name: Guardioli

Patron Saint: San Nicola di Bari (Saint Nicholas of Bari)

Feast Days:
May 8
May 9
May 31
December 6

Open Market: Thursday
Mother Church: San Nicola di Bari - 18th Century
Chapels: San Nicola di Bari / Santa Maria della Neve (Madonna of the Snow)

Postal Code: 86014
Area Code: 0874

Contrade - Frazioni - Localita' (Neighborhoods, Hamlets, and Localities): Campate, Campo dei Fiori, Capo da Fuori, Castelluccio, Castelvecchio, Cauzaro, Fonte Amica, Fonte Dolfa, Fonte La Cesa, Formelle, Fornelle, Mencaro, Molino, Quadri, Riponi, Sperella, Tremonti, Vecchiarelli


Mayor (Sindaco): Danilo Donato Di Federico
Vice Mayor (Vicesindaco): Costantino Del Gesso

Assessor (Assessori): Nicola Serio

Town Council (Consiglieri Comunali):
Serafina De Cesare
Costantino Del Gesso
Libero Giannantonio
Geom. Pinuccio Giannantonio
Giacomantonio Grifone
Francesco Lunardo
Rag. Giovanni Mastrogiovanni
Giancola Rotundo
Costanzo Sampogna
Nicola Serio
Carlo Tiberio
Cristofaro Vignone