About Us

A Message from the
Founder of MondoGuardiaregia,
Peter M. Farina

I unofficially founded MondoGuardiaregia while studying Italian (and also French and Spanish) in Syracuse, New York. My entire life I've always been interested in my Italian roots, and always felt particularly attached to my maternal family's ancestral roots from Guardiaregia. So, after taking a one day web design seminar, I built a site to help me reach out to other "Guardioli" (That is, people from, or with roots in, the village of Guardiaregia, Campobasso.) and honestly, I thought that I would reach out to these "Paesani" simply on a pastime basis... maybe starting a network of a handful of people from the states and Canada. ...and I soon found out that it was much bigger than that.

I immediately started to receive e-mails from "Guardioli" throughout the United States and Canada, but also from countries as far away as Switzerland, England, Italy, Argentina, and Australia! People hungry like I was to discover and preserve their roots! It was then that I knew what I had to do.

Fast forwarding a year and a half, MondoGuardiaregia (www.guardiaregia.com) is now part of italyMONDO! (www.italymondo.com), the parent company which I formed to reach out to Italians of origin in the same way I did with MondoGuardiaregia, but to descendents of the other 2,424 cities and towns of southern Italy and beyond.

Officially started in August 2007, italyMONDO!'s growth has skyrocketed, receiving an amazing amount of media and having already built a client and subscriber base spanning 9 countries. italyMONDO! now helps Italians of origin around the world discover living cousins in Italy, travel to their towns of origin, discover their family trees, and even become Dual Italian Citizens! And for me, a young Italian-American looking to give others the beautiful experience he had when he discovered his own roots and heritage, it's a dream of true.

That said, after browsing this temporary site (the professionally designed version is still in the works,) I would like to invite you to contact me personally. As the founder of this site, it's always a pleasure to hear from other "paesani," regardless of where you might live or what language you might speak. So, thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All my best,
Peter M. Farina
Founder, MondoGuardiaregia - www.guardiaregia.com
Founder, italyMONDO! - www.italymondo.com